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(C) 2007 guidod

I'd like to say one small thing before going into details: Please contribute! Much effort has been put into this place, in the hope that it will be useful to as many people as possible. But we can't do it all by ourselves -- we need your help. If you have written a macro (or two?) of which you think that it might be useful, please contribute it to the archive.

Curiously enough, many people seem to be scared away by the idea that "their macro is not good enough to be published". Try to look at it this way: Nobody is perfect, nobody knows everything and nobody will be flamed if there is a minor stylistic deficiency in the code of a macro published here. Hey, do you know any better way to get your code debugged for free by several hundred volunteers? :-)

Enough for now, just have a look at the autoconf macros - they are grouped by category on the left side.

This project has been discontinued.
Please send your updates to the
GNU Autoconf Macro Archive

Downloading all macros at once

In case you want to download all macros at once rather than having to click through the whole list and access them individually, just get tarballs and rpm archives from the project's sourceforge filelist, where updates are posted every time a member of the archive changes or new macros are added.

Just get all the m4 macro source files..

or just the generated unix man pages...

The complete source tarball and RPMs can be fetched from the...
Sourceforge Download Repository (ac-archive-2007.0202.tar.bz2)

The current CVS Repository is visible at sourceforge as well...
browse online at


further reading...